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VeriFone Vx570 How To Change The Paper

verifone vx570 change paper roll


VeriFone Vx570, how to change the paper. The paper roll is thermal, so there is no ink cartridge involved what so ever. The paper roll is a 2 1/4 X 85,  this is a very easy paper roll to locate, if your out of paper. If there is a Sams Club near by they carry this paper by the case. Chances are you have a merchant near my that has a machine that also carries the same roll. So if you are completely, just borrow a roll. The roll loads very easy just drop in and close printer cover. There is no feeding.   Most of all the VeriFone credit card terminals load this way and close in the same fashion.

Cayan Credit Card Processing


Cayan began in 1998, when CEO and Co-Founder, Henry Helgeson, saw an opportunity to simplify the complex process of accepting credit card payments. We streamlined the device buying process while also making credit card acceptance affordable for small businesses. We were the first company of our kind, and our name at the time, Merchant Warehouse, was closely aligned with this mission of providing affordable credit card processing services for businesses of all sorts and sizes.

Over time, we have continually evolved to align with the shifting needs of our customers, our partners and the dynamic payments landscape. We have added new products and technology that couldn’t have been wished for in 1998. In fact, we were the first to build our own mobile application to accept credit cards and the first to certify what would eventually become point-to-point encrypted card readers.

We were also the first to give businesses a simple way to adopt new and emerging payment types with Cayan Genius®, the very first Customer Engagement Platform® to embrace the possibilities for payments today and in the long term. Genius was designed to evolve and scale for growth, enabling businesses to include new payment, gift card programs and loyalty solutions any time.

Once we changed our name to Cayan,Flush Cache it was with the goal of capturing the boldness, energy and excitement at our company and the bright future of the payments industry. Cayan harkens to our original company mission of helping businesses be more successful as well as embracing the power of technology to supercharge customer engagement.



Beware Of The Free Credit Card Terminal

clover mini

Buyer beware would you like a free credit card terminal, of course we all do. I’ve spoke to a lot of merchant who are offered free equipment to sign up for merchant services.Its a deal almost to good to be true. Well folk’s it usually is, I’m sad to say.

I switched a business over to my merchant processing company that was absolutely furious about how this company miss lead him. Now this guy rarely shows any emotion a very mild mannered merchant. I took a look at his deal, and he had a $250 cancellation fee, and a $95 annual fee, and some of the other credit card processing fees didn’t make sense.

I simply picked apart his statement ,and contract an reviewed all his fees, and rates. I switched him over to my company downloaded his terminal fine no problem.I told him he had to cancel the other processing account account.

He call me about a week later even more infuriated finding out that the cancellation fee was actually $350 even though it was clearly written as $250 on the contract, and If he did not send the terminal back in the box with the pre-paid shipping label.The processor will charge him an additional $650 for that equipment.

To be fair I’m not knocking the cancellation fee, all businesses that have contracts have some sort of cancellation fee built in some where. Direct TV, most cellular service especially if they are getting a free phone, but what bugged me about what happened to my client was the cancellation fee was actually higher,and they are charging for the machine.


The way a lot of merchant processors work that I’ve come across if you cancel, you’ve basically bought the machine for maybe $350 to $400 this is all well, and good if you don’t have a lot of cash to spend up front for equipment. My client has to pay an additional $650 if he keeps the terminal,and hes already paid an annual fee of $95 which was deducted from his account about 6 months into his service.

I don’t believe in annual fees they don’t make sense to me. If I was really greedy, I would tack on a bunch of extra fees , and my clients would be leaving left and right. My ultimate goal is to have a happy go lucky client that likes working with me, and has no crazy small print fees buried in his or her account. I have merchants where the revenue is smaller than some, but they have been processing with me 5 and 6 years with out a hitch, because honesty is the best policy.


My client did sent the terminal back he was not charged $650. He processes about 1500transactions a month which is a superb account. He bought a FD130 for less than $400 brand new. The FD is something he used in the past an was familiar with which met all his needs.

Mandatory Gratuity Good Or Bad

I was in a restaurant, a horrible restaurant mind you. This place is synonymous with bad food, and equally horrible service, quite frankly I’m not sure what is worse the service, or the food at this dismal place. I perhaps should take a poll. Well anyway they have a mandatory gratuity of 15% for tables of 8 or more. I welcome this idea it dose make perfect since, but however. The management of this dreadful place should have had a meeting knowing all to well that the service, and the food is not very good, and the customers will complain every-time, and that is exactly what is happening at this horrible eatery. I’m a customer of this place occasionally.



I only have a few beers at the bar Coors light draft, and occasionally eat, but the bartender is my server, and hes a good guy, and he makes certain my meal is right. He is an old school guy, that knows what hes doing all the way around. Anyway I watched with utter amazement on 3 straight occasions one night. The customers at 3 tables that were run, by 3 different servers. There customers ask to have the mandatory tip removed. These were not isolated moments, as it would have been with maybe one server.

It was with 3 different servers. The mandatory gratuity is a capitol idea, but you have to be very careful, and make sure your service, and the quality of your food is consistent to warrant a mandatory tip. I know some people personally who will not tip regardless of the service, or food this is just how they are “cheap”. I have had dinner with groups of 8 people on many occasions at Quakersteak and Lube, Outback Steakhouse, and Applebees ect. There food is good also consistent, and good service, on the one off situation your going to have a major complaint. A mandatory gratuity is good for many reasons.

A wait staff is working very hard running around trying to manage this table, and dedicating there time at this one table for a few hours,and wind up with $10, or nothing on a table that spent $300 total, when you should have gotten a minimum $45 plus what ever the customer want to give over that 15% so you might make $65, maybe the bad restaurant will be a stretch, and difficult to get enough people to have a table of eight.