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Berkman Bottger Newman & Rodd, LLP can be described as boutique Ny divorce law firm located in midtown Manhattan. We concentrate our practice exclusively in the areas of family and divorce law, and serve individuals in the

FD300 Multi Merchant Terminal

FD300 multi merchant terminal, this is a very good piece of equipment. It can run many individual businesses on the same piece of equipment. The only flaw that its has. I set up this merchant last week in Bluefield,WV a business called Blue Mountain Mercantile located at 320 Federal Street the down town area.

Mandatory Gratuity Good Or Bad

I was in a restaurant, a horrible restaurant mind you. This place is synonymous with bad food, and equally horrible service, quite frankly I’m not sure what is worse the service, or the food at this dismal place. I perhaps should take a poll. Well anyway they have a mandatory gratuity of 15% for tables